Boards and Commissions

The City of Young Harris has many ways to volunteer and serve the community. 

1. The Planning Commission is an appointed body the gives direction to the City Council on planning, zoning, ordianances and land use.

2. The Enotah Garden Club is a volunteer group of individuals who meet regularly to discuss and learn. This group has several projects connected to the City of Young Harris, including helping with planting, pruning, and landscape design. They host the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. 

3. The Young Harris Placemaking Collaborative is a group of individual dedicated to "Creating community connections through arts, parks, and recreation."

Planning Commission:

The Planning Commission meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:00. Any application or permit needing review has to be turned in to the City Clerk no later than the 1st day of the month to be included in the agenda for the planning commission meeting. The Planning Commission meets to review application/permit, review ordinances pertaining to said application/review then sends to Council for approval (or with recommendation). This body also works closely with the city engineers, attorney, etc prior to approving an application or permit and prior to sending to council for final approval. While this group does not meet monthly, they do meet when there is something to review. They are a dedicated group who are knowledgeable of the codes and ordinances, are actively involved in reviewing ordinances, applications, etc in order to provide input to the council. This commission regularly reviews plans, ordinances and policies in order to make updates and recommendations.  

Planning Commission Members:

Name                              Years on Commission      Profession

Nancy Dessomes , Chair         3                                Retired College Professor

Janice Cochran                       12                               Retired Elementary Educator

Alan Sinram                               2                                Sales Professional

Steve Clark                                 6                               Retired Civil Engineer; Council Liaison

Dana Cable                                 1                               Downtown Business Owner, Artist