Installation of New Water Meters

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Dear Water and Sewer Customers,

The City of Young Harris has commenced the installation of new smart water meters for all customers. You should expect a Meter Team will be replacing your water meter in the next few weeks, if not already done so. This letter is for informational purposes. 

You should expect contractors on your property during this time. Their job will be to remove the old meters and replace them with new ones, and possibly replacing meter boxes where needed.  The Meter Team does not need access inside your home, but meter accessibility is required.  You will experience a short service interruption during replacement.  Upon completion, you may experience some air and debris, flushing or running cold water through your open faucets for a few minutes is recommended. 

The new meters will be more efficient, giving us more information on usage and leaks in real time.  With this upgrade, some customers may find an increase in water consumption.  In addition, the contractors will be looking at types of materials used for pipes on both the city and the customer side of the meter. The material verification is to comply with EPD requirements. 

Please be patient as this work will likely coincide with the beginning of the bypass that the Department of Transportation will be handling.